Go Corona Go is a small contribution to the world by Team Shining Cloud.
Just to encourage responsible citizens to stay home and stay safe with some entertainment.
No popup Advertisements or In-app purchases are included in this game,
Because its not developed with the profit intent or scalability.

Reviews (95)

Nice game...
Enjoy the game...
fantastic gaame
Really fun to play this
lovely game
Really Good
OMG !! its funny.. ill forward to my groups.. ahhaha..
the need of an hour.
Love to play it
W T FUN !! good game...
The application is fun..
Yo sólo vine polk mi amiga Kelly me dijo que lo jugara
Love to play this game
GO Corona GO, GO Corona GO , I wish I can kill these in the real-life too..
Thanks for the game
Very nice game
Hmm this game is very fantastic 😁😁 OMG .
Excellent game
Excellent game
Why this game is not in play store
Due to worldwide Lockdown, Both Google Play and Playstore are operating with fewer resources. It takes close to 40-60days for them to review and launch the app in their respective App stores.

I like this game
Made my day😇 Ooo
This game not good to play Because phone is getting hsng
Thanks for downloading the game. As mentioned its an advanced yet optimized AR/VR fun game. All mobiles with Android 8.0 (Oreo) or latest OS will support the game. Kindly check your version and update your OS if possible to the latest and continue having fun.

Fun to play this. btw it needs good quality android mobile to play AR Games.. but this still play better in mine..
Good time pass..
My kids love this game.. are you gonna activate protector page.
Bru tal 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Nice game
Super game, very funny
By this game we hope corona goes away soon from 🎄🌍
Goooo Away I kill u corona by this game 🗡
Wonder full ,
Feeling happy to kill corona
Get set go start killing corona
its funny
you guys are awesome
when will be the next update
Super jeu
классная игра
mash hai..............................
This game is like Fruits ninja
Bhaut hard bhai log
Full power
Loading issues
Super cool
Hi guys Johnson from New York you guys really made my day
How can i download IOS file
Very beautiful
GNIT family always support lockdown.
Its a very good game
Very beautiful
Nice one
Perfect game in those situation
This game- made my day. Thanks for the developing such sensible FUN.👍🏼👍🏼
Want to kill Corona
Mast hai game
Need more waves in the game
Game complete
Fun to play
Спасибо за игру.
I never used to play games. But this game makes me feel better trashing those little viruses currently.
Nice Game...
Hi team. Iam a android developer. Which software have u used to do this? Im sure its not Native platform.
Can u add more levels
Made my day
iOS not available..?
Really I can take my stress out of this situation 🤯😊
When can i expect advanced version
not getting installed in my iPhone
весело играть
go corona..
this is fun playing

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